You gotta come to my city. You gotta see how we live…

Today’s adventure was a “Mural Hunt” around the city. Being a burbs girls I only go into the city for events and well my adventures. I’d see people posing in front of different murals and never knew exactly where to find them (people never want to share *insert rolling eyes emoji*). Well now I found a bunch! I drove around The Heights and Downtown looking for dope murals until I was tired and I was not disappointed!  Not sure of all the artists, but man we have some talented ones out here (see photos for artist cred, I tried to capture the artists signature on each). Want to know where? Just ask! The Care Bears taught me how to share!

Adventure Destination: Houston, TX (The Heights & Downtown)


Send me your location…

Just, WOW! Today’s adventure is a hidden treasure here in Houston. A beautiful park where artist showcase their brilliance. When I say everything in this park is art…I mean everything. The walls, the walkways, the benches, the swing! And its all so freaking cool. Kudos to every artist working hard to make  this place amazing. There’s nothing I love more than off the wall. This place is just that!

Adventure destination: Smither Park (Houston, TX)