I could show you how to live the wild life…

Today’s adventure was one I have taken many times. However, this time, I got to enjoy it on my own time, in my own way, with the soundtrack to my life playing in my Beats. The sun was on ten and the poor animals were not ashamed to stay hidden from it so I missed a few zoo friends. Definitely was an awesome adventure though. Special shoutout to the Zoo for Free Tuesday’s!

Adventure destination: The Houston Zoo (Houston, TX)


You gotta come to my city. You gotta see how we live…

Today’s adventure was a “Mural Hunt” around the city. Being a burbs girls I only go into the city for events and well my adventures. I’d see people posing in front of different murals and never knew exactly where to find them (people never want to share *insert rolling eyes emoji*). Well now I found a bunch! I drove around The Heights and Downtown looking for dope murals until I was tired and I was not disappointed!  Not sure of all the artists, but man we have some talented ones out here (see photos for artist cred, I tried to capture the artists signature on each). Want to know where? Just ask! The Care Bears taught me how to share!

Adventure Destination: Houston, TX (The Heights & Downtown)

Send me your location…

Just, WOW! Today’s adventure is a hidden treasure here in Houston. A beautiful park where artist showcase their brilliance. When I say everything in this park is art…I mean everything. The walls, the walkways, the benches, the swing! And its all so freaking cool. Kudos to every artist working hard to make  this place amazing. There’s nothing I love more than off the wall. This place is just that!

Adventure destination: Smither Park (Houston, TX)


If she can keep it all running…

I woke up and decided I was done asking, I would just do. Just go. Just see. Just be. It starts with MY adventures. That being said, my latest adventure was a park I’d only ever heard of. The views of the Houston Skyline as you embrace the trails set the perfect scene for the opening of a romantic comedy (which I’m convinced my life is). I was so impressed with how randomly gorgeous the park is. Fade to young beautiful jogger running towards the rest of her life as “Alive” by Kehlani plays in the background. Enjoy!

Adventure destination: Buffalo Bayou Park (Houston, TX) 


Chasing the Sun

Today’s adventure was a park I have been to many times. I had absolutely no clue how big the park actually was. Going as a kid was basically riding the train and rolling down the hill. Today I saw so much! I don’t even think I got to everything because the sun was trying to murder me. I survived though, don’t panic. Enjoy! Adventure Destination: Hermann Park (Houston, TX)

Yay for adventures in the city!

Cool for the Summer

What a better time to start taking pictures than with family? Growing up, my mom bought a camera that she would have at EVERY family function. She was always snapping pictures. Honestly thought she was weird at the time. But really what teenager didn’t think their mom was weird? I see now why she did it. There’s something about capturing moments with family that brings an uncontrollable sense of happiness. I’m here for it!